Virtual Office Services in Berlin

On request our company offers Virtual Office Services in Germany for our clients establishing a company in Germany. During company registration one must submit documents to the Chamber of Commerce with such an existing address that would be the headquarters of the company in founding. This is such an address that is needed for the company to be found and from where they forward to the managers or company proprietors the letters and summons from the tax office, from other administrative offices or from partners.  We offer to our clients Virtual Office in Berlin, the capital of Germany.
    Naturally, the proprietors of the companies in founding may themselves also assure headquarters for their own company. In this case they would need a lease agreement that would have to be registered at the Registry Court, as the company’s headquarters. In case our clients do not detain such a contract, they have the possibility to apply for our headquarters service, whereas we offer a Berlin headquarters to all our future clients. The Virtual Office service amounts to 69,- EURO/Month (German company founding costs here). This encompasses the processing, opening, scanning and forwarding of the letters to the book-keeping department and to company proprietors or managers.
    Ulterior to company founding in Germany and after submitting for the European tax reference number the tax office sends to the company’s headquarters the official forms and the connected appointment recommendations, as well as information. Thus we receive in-time information regarding proceeding course and are able to react to the letter from the tax office, being able to represent the applying company personally at the tax office while the European tax reference number is being allocated.
    Why is it worth and rewarding to apply for a headquarters in Berlin? Because Berlin, as the capital of Germany, represents an advantage to company proprietors due to the fact that the economic life is the most intense, the most vivid and most animated in Berlin and if a company has its German headquarters in Berlin, i.e. a headquarters in the capital of Germany, it would get a higher reputation, as capital headquartered companies are encompassed with higher benefits. By signing company founding documents our agency asks for a 6-month headquarters fee in advance and issues, ulterior, in a quarterly frequency, the headquarters service invoices towards the company. 

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