Necessary Documents

You need to send us following data to prepare the company registration:

  • ID Card or Passport
  • Adresse Card (if necessary)
  • Company Names 
  • Main Activity
  • Secondary Activities
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Business Account

Information about business Bank Account opening in Germany

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Office Service

Registered Company Adresse in Berlin with Email-Forwarding

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Company Formation in Germany

Our German Agency establishes your German company. Rapid and precise administration, including all-round service! Virtual headquarter, and VAT REGISTRATION accountant guaranteed for your company! 

You won’t have to dive into the obscure German bureaucracy! Instead, you will be able to found your company during a single trip to Germany! We prepare and organise the difficult steps of company registration in Germany, so that you will only have to concentrate on essential matters, such as your business! A single travel to Germany is perfectly satisfactory! On this occasion you will sign the necessary documents for your German company formation!
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Company Incorporation in Germany - Start business

Should you be planning the extending of your enterprise to the German territory for the near future, so should you contact- and delegate our office to establish your German company! The majority will choose the so-called ‘’Unternehmensgesellschaft’’ (UG), that is ‘’ enterprise, corporate company’’. This company-type is also known as the ‘’1 EUR Limited Liability Company’’. Popular among employees proves to be the application for the private entrepreneur’s license, achievable on low costs. Ingenuous and prompt German company founding, via our agency! Company formation in Germany, during a single trip to the target country! And how to get Enterpreneur Permit

The most ingenuous company-type in Germany proves to be the ‘’ Gewerbeanmeldung’’, that is the obtaining of the private entrepreneur’s license. We recommend it to most employees, because it guarantees advantageous tax conditions and private entrepreneurs won’t even have to do bookkeeping. 

1st November 2008 Germany introduced the 1 EUR company-type, in order to aid and promote small- and medium-sized enterprises. Before this date, a simple limited liability company founding necessitated a fortune, due to the extent of the capital stock, which used to be EUR 25.000,-. This EUR 25.000,- limited liability company still stands, of course. The so-called ‘’Unternehmensgesellschaft’’ (UG), that is ‘’ enterprise, corporate company’’ obtained the same rights. The difference is ought to be sought purely in the minimizing capital stock. In the case of the so-called ‘’Unternehmensgesellschaft’’ (UG), in the beginning, the associates cannot withdraw the entire profit, because the company owners are legally obliged to maintain 25% of the profit on the company’s bank account. This obligation remains effective until the company’s bank account proves to detain the EUR 25.000,-. The moment your company achieves the necessary capital stock value, the company associates may either decide to convert to absolute liability company or they may continue their activity as ‘’Unternehmensgesellschaft’’ (UG). German company founding: the best pro- expansion method towards the European Union.
Most entrepreneurs decide in favour of the 1 EUR company type, which already may start functioning after German company founding application submission. There is a 3 to 6 weeks waiting period until the final approval shall be issued. Throughout its entire founding process, the company may proceed with its business.
Should you be planning to establish an incorporated company, you can also mandate our agency! For the founding of an incorporated company, you will need a capital stock of EUR 50.000,-. Requests for a EU V.A.T. number, submitted by foreign owned companies, are subjected to thorough examination by the German Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This is due to the fact of the lately growing number of V.A.T. evasions. Company founding in Germany, via contribution of our German partner! 

On an international level, there is a vivid interest concerning company establishing in Germany, due to a market of over 80 million inhabitants, a market that flatters entrepreneurs with enormous possibilities intending to conquer new areas with their products and services.

Corporate Tax in Germany
Entrust your german company specialist!

We shall liberate you from the administrative burden! A single visit to our lawyers’ office is perfectly satisfactory! On this occasion you will sign the deed of foundation. Our agency provides virtual headquarters and an accountant for your newly established company! All of this, for the best prices! Company founding in Germany, in the heart of Western Europe!
Besides Germany, our agency is also present in Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. Through our partners we may, as well, establish your company in the above-mentioned European countries.