1.    Limited Liability Company Founding (GmbH): EUR 2,500.- plus capital stock 

2.     Enterprise or Corporate Company Founding (Unternehmensgesellschaft UG): EUR 100.-, including capital stock. Together with notary public fee, Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry fee and administration tax this type of company founding adds up to EUR 1,500.

3.    BGB Company Founding Gbr (Partnership under the German Civil Code): EUR 1,000.-
4.    Private Entrepreneur’s License Obtaining: EUR 500.

5.    Virtual Office: EUR 100 / Month - 6 month advance

6.     Accountancy Services: starting with EUR 120.-/ month.

Our prices, rates and costs refer to a single owner undertaking a trip to the target country.
In case of no personal presence and no personal travelling to the target country, translation and authentication fees of EUR 100.- shall be calculated in each and every case.

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The Berlin Incorporation

Company incorporation Berlin - Company registration Germany