Ready made GmbH for sale

Our Agency offers the possibility of buying Ready Made Companies in Germany for clients, who wants to begin the activity as soon, as possible. UG, GmbH for sale, which was established this year, and have already the VAT Number. A Ready Made Company is beneficial, if the new owner wants to make business urgently with the Limited.Our Agency registers from time to time new companies, and we registrate the VAT Number too. This procedure can take in some cases even 3-5 months, but if you buy a shelf company in Germany, it takes 6-10 working days, till the company will be registered under the new owners name with EU VAT Number. From the moment of signing of the documents the new owner can sign contracts, and after some days can make invoices too. We still guarantee, that our German Ready Made Companies dont have debts, and we give every client a Guarantee Certificate! Our companies have available VAT Number and Bank account too.

In our offers you can find twoo types of German Limited Lliability Companies :

1. UG - Limited with 1 Euro Capital

2. GmbH - Limited with 25.000 Euro Capital

Costs: UG and GmbH for sale in Germany

- UG for sale- 4.500 Euro + Public Notary costs (3-600 Euro)

- GmbH for sale - 6.900 Euro + Public Notary Costs (5-800 Euro)

We still can offer Virtual Office in Berlin for 100 Euro/Month.

(Small) Business for sale in Germany- to make the business life of our clinets easier! If you would like to have a new established Limited, we can help you in Company Registration in Germanies Capital, Berlin

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