German VAT Number registration

Our enterprise is specialized in business affairs, undertaking in VAT Registration in Germany, due to the fact that this is also a part of the German company founding procedure. Although the application for the European tax reference number within our office belongs to the basic services, it is, unfortunately, not an unambiguous question…
    Subsequent to company foundation documents signing the resolution from the Registry Court arrives in three weeks. This confirms the company’s registration. With this resolution and together with the mandate received from the manager our economist colleague transmits the petition for the European tax reference number to the competent tax authority. We cannot predict precisely the arrival of the European tax reference number, due to the fact that it lies entirely upon the authority, the employee handling the case being allowed to proceed as he wishes and may postpone the issuing moment.
    It is for this reason that our clients need to be aware of this fact and have to be patient, until the tax reference number will be allocated. If it were for us to predict how long the allocation of the European VAT number will take, we would forecast that in case of a German GmbH (Limited Liability Company) it would take two weeks after registration to receive the European tax reference number. In the case of the UG (entrepreneurial company), i.e. the 1-EURO company, it would take a month after registration that we could anticipate the demanded European tax reference number.    There is a case known where the client waited three months for the European tax reference number.
    This is why all those that would like to rapidly start their business activity and would like to make German V.A.T. Registration – free invoices to other member states, we would recommend that they buy an enterprise already detaining the European tax reference number.
    Our office establishes companies for this reason as well, in order to diminish the German company founding period and that our clients may quickly start their economic activity. In this case the overwriting of an existing company is fulfilled in only a few business days. Ask our co-worker about Ready Made German companies on sale!
    Naturally, the application for the European tax reference number is already included within our agency, we fulfill this in all the cases and we do not charge extra for this service, just as we do not charge extra for the opening of a bank account! There are agencies where these services are not covered within the basic packet or several lawyers do not even bother in applying for the German tax reference number. Before mandating you ought to ask whether the mandated legal practitioners would care to arrange for the European tax reference number. In case of a subsidiary company we also obtain the European tax reference number of your company’s German Branch firm!

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